Elan Restoration

With not a lot of time at the track through 2020 and 2021, I’ve finally got my head down a bit with working on restoring my father’s 1970 Lotus Elan S4.

He bought the car in May 1990, with the previous owner having spent considerable money with Vegantune, modifying almost every aspect of the car.

Some parts of the car are extremely reminiscent of the Vegantune Evante, indeed my father believes certain parts were prototyped on this car. I’ve only found one other wearing the same body modifications, that one living in Canada.

Here’s the only image I’ve seen of the car, when the owner found me on Pistonheads, prior to that point he also thought he had the only one in the world with this body configuration!

As a top level overview, the car runs wider arches all round with a deeper front valance and a lip added to the boot. Wider wheels, 3 piece Compomotive split rims, have been fitted with pretty massive (proportionately) 205 width Pirelli tyres. The engine is still the Lotus twin cam, but the transmission is a 5 speed ZF unit.

Chassis wise, the car has been fitted with a Spyder spaceframe incorporating a roll age with main hoop and side intrusion bars.